Señora says ‘Adios’

By Hannah Draa, staff writer

“God bless you. Keep doing what you’re doing,” said soon to be retired Spanish teacher Janyce Brawn. After teaching off and on from 1978, Senora is looking forward to taking a break. “I need a vacation. I’m looking forward to doing something very different,” she said. Senora has always enjoyed working with kids which is what helped her decide what to do for a profession. However, Senora Brawn didn’t always want to be a Spanish teacher. “I enjoyed working with kids, and originally I thought I’d be teaching art because I enjoyed the creativity with it. No one in this area was hiring, and my husband worked in Erie so when I couldn’t find an art job I decided to teach English as a second language. Eventually I ended up with my degrees in Spanish and ESL program specialist certification.”

Through the years,  some of Senora’s favorite memories have been experiencing the joy of watching students’ eyes light up after they finally understand something. Some of her other fondest memories, of course, have happened on the annual Spanish club trip to Pittsburgh. Senora Brawn has also had some not so fond memories in her years of teaching as well. “Well, I had my life threatened up in Erie which is why I decided to come teach at Saegertown. The woman threatened my life because she didn’t want her son in my Spanish class, and I didn’t want him either. I left school that day after being warned to watch out for this woman. I was getting a cappuccino when I saw her and her son, and I thought that if they tried anything I’d throw it at them,” said Senora.

When it comes to Senora’s fellow teachers, she has some advice. “Don’t lower your standards. Keep raising the standards for the kids. Keep doing what you’re doing, and Saegertown’s quality will stay high.” Senora also has some advice she wants the students of Saegertown to remember. “Don’t take the easy way out. Do your best and expect the best from yourself and others. You won’t be disappointed.” Senora isn’t the only one leaving SHS this year. Senora is saying goodbye right along side the Class of 2016, and she is offering her wisdom to them as well. “Whatever you do, give it your all. Pursue your dreams. Money isn’t everything.”

Panthers plant for a cause

By Morgan Barksdale, Staff Writer

Seniors plant trees on Beautification Day. (left to right: Shauna Bowen, Marissa Cormier, Emily Ohmer)

Seniors plant trees on Beautification Day. (left to right: Shauna Bowen, Marissa Cormier, Emily Ohmer)

Mr. Chris Greco’s advanced biology classes, along with the seniors who took advanced biology last year, took a day to give back to nature. They went to Stainbrook Park on April 27 and gave the park a good, natural touch-up.

The group did everything from planting trees to landscaping, and even housekeeping. “The work wasn’t very hard; it made me feel more connected with my community,” said senior Spencer Price. The students enjoyed taking part in the beautification of a park that is so close to home.

Juniors took part in the beautification on Friday, May 1, in a field in Edinboro. The plain space was made spectacular by planting hardwoods. Trees that had been cut down were replaced, and when the new trees are harvested, they money will continue to benefit PENNCREST students through a scholarship fund. “Students worked hard, and the day was a success,” said Mr. Greco.

E-Books are now accessible everywhere

By Sydney Kightlinger, Assistant Opinion Editor

Time to turn off those games you are vigorously playing on your iPad because there is now something worthwhile in town. Instead of rotting your brain with that riveting game of 1010, you can now grow your mind with the tiny tablet. The library is now offering electronic books, E-books.

There are over 120 books in all genres from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald to Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. “I like the thought of having access to E-books, especially since the library is closed for business every other day,” said senior Eric Kisner.

To start checking out books, go to Mrs. Litke with your iPad, and she will give you login information.

Happy Reading!

TEK4S comes to SHS

By Emily Johnson, Director of Marketing

Technology is an ever growing educational tool, and it can be difficult to use. Here at Saegertown, a hidden gem called TEK4S helps with just that. The program has been functioning for eight years. It is run by Mr. Nick Paolini, and, in his Prezi, he describes TEK4S’s mission. “Participants will acquire and hone 21st century skills essential to learning while fostering the use of emerging technologies to strengthen the pedagogical practices of educators within their districts,” he said. Mr. Jeff Patrick, the adviser of TEK4S, works with several students: eighth graders Mikayla Balog and Will Phelan, and seventh grade students Megan Murphy and Josh Weaver. All four students were nominated by teachers to be in the club.

“It’s a jumpstart for kids interested in technology,” said seventh grader Josh Weaver. It introduces seventh and eighth grade students with newly developed technology, but there is a twist; the students attend meetings at the intermediate unit 5 in Edinboro. While at IU5, they’re assigned an education oriented application. Then the students, back at the school, make presentations to share at IU5, and teach their teachers how to use the apps. They explore three apps and complete three presentations per year. Their final project, if satisfactory, can make it to the state level. The students also participate in activities in order to receive prizes. Unfortunately this is the last year for TEK4S due to state level budget cuts, but it has supported our school for years.

Senior Matt Peters advances to All State Band Festival

By Kristi Stoyer, Photo Editor 

The music doesn’t stop for senior Matt Peters. Of the six Saegertown students who participated in PMEA Region Band this year, he is the only Saegertown musician who will advance to the All-State Festival in Hershey. “I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to advance to States again,” he said. “Last year was an amazing experience and I know there are still a lot of memories to be made.”

This is his second time attending the festival, auditioning on tenor saxophone both years. “I knew it depended a lot on the performance of the other instrumentalists,” Peters said, “but I did feel pretty good about the audition I had.” Peters took second chair at Region Band this year to advance.

Director Patrick Baldwin expressed his excitement about Peters’ accomplishment. “These are truly great opportunities,” Baldwin said. “I am glad he is getting the chance to experience them.”

Baldwin went on to say, “I am looking forward to the event. There are many professional development opportunities for me as well as the learning experiences for Matt.” The festival extends from March 25-28, and the concert will be held at the Hershey Theater.

Junior high celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with Spirit Week

acqe9eRziBy Lauren Haylett, Junior High Reporter

Next week is spirit week for the junior high to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  The council is under the supervision of Mrs. Nicole DeFrances, but as she is on maternity leave, Mrs. Anne Motter has taken over. The officers include Claudia Fetzner, president; Mikayla Balog, vice president; Sheena Byham, secretary; Samantha Evans, treasurer; Lauren Haylett, seventh grade President.  “I aspire to have the entire middle school participating in spirit week,” said Claudia Fetzner.  The council was coming up with ideas for a fun activity and thought why not have a spirit week? It’s free of charge to participate. “The day I am most looking forward to is Jersey Day,” said seventh grader Kenny Kiser. The themes are as follows:

Monday: Jersey Day

Tuesday: Green Day-Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Wednesday: Color War- Eighth graders are to wear black and seventh graders are to wear blue

Thursday: Tie-dye Thursday

Friday: Flannel Friday