District budget woes still unclear

By Sydney Kightlinger, design editor and Austin Brown, news editor

With a $1.8 million deficit still looming over the district, little was said pertaining to the 35 cuts on the chopping block at the School Board Meeting held on Thursday, June 9 at Central Office. It was speculated by The Titusville Herald that the Board would release a change in the cuts in regard to content areas; however, nothing was formally released to the public.

Superintendent Michael Healey said he had intentions of releasing the content area staffing changes at the meeting, but due to a memorandum of understand, he could not finalize the changes. The cuts still include 28 teachers and seven support staff, but the areas of instruction being cut will be changed. Superintendent Healey plans to have the changes announced by the end of the business day today.

One change was announced by Board President Jason Bakus at the beginning of the meeting. He shared that the district will not be making cuts to the library program. This means that the schools will continue to have librarians in the 2016-17 school year.

The Board conducted a roll-called every motion on the table. Every motion was passed except a one to approve $89,425.00 for a district-wide keyless access system, which was tabled by President Bakus.

Updated budget documents can be found at: here

The final budget will be passed at the June 30 meeting at the Central Office board room. This meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and is open to the public.

Saegertown Public Library summer reading program announced

By Sydney Kightlinger, design editor

What plans do you have for this summer? Are you going on a road trip, heading to the beach, or are you just going with the flow? Well, you can add cracking a book for some prizes to your adventures.

Saegertown Area Public Library is preparing for their annual summer reading program that will run from June 20 – July 22. This year’s contest is online at edmodo.com for 7-12 graders. Every participant will receive a folder that has information about joining the edmodo group and coupons for weekly prizes. There will be weekly contests that require you to read a book and then complete a task written on one of the coupons.

In addition, for every hour you spend reading you will receive four points towards the grand prize. This year’s grand prize will be a gift card. You can receive bonus points for blogging about your reading at  http://ya.saegertown.ccfls.org/.

This years theme is “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory”. There will be hunt for a “Golden Ticket” that’s hidden in the library, and the librarians will post clues to it on edmodo. Whoever finds the “Golden Ticket” will receive a secret prize.

The library will be hosting a Chocolate Day in conjunction with the “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory” theme, in addition to the reading program . They will also spend a day decorating bookends and and tie-dying shirts. “I would love to get more kids in the library to read the books I love. I believe the library is a place to have fun,” said Librarian Charissa McCann.

Registration for the reading program is June 13-18 during library hours. For more information the library’s  website is  http://saegertown.ccfls.org/ or you can call 814-763-5203. Follow them on instagram @saegertownlibrary.

E-Books are now accessible everywhere

By Sydney Kightlinger, Assistant Opinion Editor

Time to turn off those games you are vigorously playing on your iPad because there is now something worthwhile in town. Instead of rotting your brain with that riveting game of 1010, you can now grow your mind with the tiny tablet. The library is now offering electronic books, E-books.

There are over 120 books in all genres from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald to Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. “I like the thought of having access to E-books, especially since the library is closed for business every other day,” said senior Eric Kisner.

To start checking out books, go to Mrs. Litke with your iPad, and she will give you login information.

Happy Reading!