Panther Press Staff (2016-17) Volume 11

EIC (Editor in Chief): Sydney Kightlinger

Web Site Editors: Nick Bradley and Stefanie Arblaster

Arts and Entertainment Editor: Hunter Trzeciak

News Editor: Austin Brown, Rachel Barner

Opinion Editor: Scout Van Cise

Features Editor: Kaitlyn Wash

Sports Editor: Cutter’b Pritchard, Bailey Kozalla

Photo Editor: Emily Ford

Social Media Editor: Payton Brooks

Marketing Director: Elizabeth Hasko

Broadcast Team: Ben Haylett

Special Media Projects Editor: Kaity Gage

Staff Writers:

Hannah Nicolson, Jeff Baldwin, Tyler Brooks, Francis Jageacks, Hannah Myers, Ellie Lybarger, Cami Reynolds(Social Media), Kassie Boyd(Opinion), Jalisa Norr(Panther Paw), Jade Allen(Panther Paw), Braeden Kantz (Advertising), Hillary Twiford (Advertising) , Grant Phelan (Broadcasting), JT Saloan (Broadcasting).

Adviser: Stacey Hetrick

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