Saegertown ladies travel to PSB for Women in Engineering Day

By Lianna Ketcham, Website Editor

Sophomore Sydney Kightlinger created a windmill at Penn State Behrend's Women in Engineering Day on Nov. 21..

Sophomore Sydney Kightlinger created a windmill at Penn State Behrend’s Women in Engineering Day on Nov. 21. (photo by Sydney Kightlinger)

Saegertown High School ladies ventured to Penn State Behrend today to participate in the ninth annual Women in Engineering Day. Sixteen girls in grades ten and eleven attended the day of math and science related activities along with many other schools in Pennsylvania and southern parts of New York. Guest speaker and PSB alumni, Tiffany Beers from Nike talked to the students about the opportunities that await those with engineering backgrounds.

Students attended different sessions where they created things such as windmills, gumball machines, and lava lamps. Presenters came from varying companies to help with the activities: Construction Process Solutions, Ltd., Erie Insurance, Eriez Magnetics, FMC Technologies, GE Transportation, and LORD Corporation. The program is designed to help steer students into thinking about their lives after graduation.

“It was very informative. I have been thinking about my future a lot recently, and I think engineering is definitely plausible for me,” said sophomore Sydney Kightlinger. Many students left the campus with thoughts of engineering possibilities.

To find out more, visit the Women in Engineering Day page at Penn State Behrend.

Panthers lace up skates

By Bradley Amy, Staff Writer

Saegertown players Chase Leech, middle, and Luke Triola, right, face off in a recent match.

Saegertown players Chase Leech, middle, and Luke Triola, right, face off in a recent match.

Saegertown Sophomores, Luke Triola (25) and Chase Leech (36), are spending their winter lacing up the skates, tapping the sticks, and shredding the ice all day as they join the Meadville Bulldogs Varsity Hockey team. Currently, the focus of winter sports at Saegertown is on wrestling and basketball. Although hockey is not offered here, Triola and Leech have been able to join a newly found team and make it popular with students outside the walls of Saegertown. The boys started their season in October and currently sit at 4-4-1 overall. Triola has three goals and five assists; Leech has one goal and four assists. They played Peters Township last Tuesday, and the Bulldogs came out on top with a 3-2 victory. On November 18, Triola scored a hat-trick and led the Bulldogs to a 10-3 victory. The Bulldogs will be back in action Thursday, November 20, at Harbor Creek.

Locals react to #AlexFromTarget

By Makenna Robison, Assistant Design Editor

#EmilyFromSubway takes her shot at overnight fame. (contributed photo)

#EmilyFromSubway takes her shot at overnight fame. (photo by Nick Monico)

Who is Alex from Target? Do you follow him on Twitter? Does he follow you? Saegertown junior Emily Johnson received a new Twitter follower on November 6 during the evening, and to her surprise it was Alex from Target! She says she retweeted two of Alex’s tweets, and minutes later, he followed her. Weird! Nobody knew of 16-year-old Alex Laboeuf on November 1, but by November 2, he had practically become famous with his own trending hashtag: #AlexFromTarget to prove it.

Everything started when a young girl, distracted by Alex’s good looks, took his picture as he was bagging her groceries in Texas. This picture was posted on Twitter and, for unexplainable reasons, it went viral on the internet. Alex claims to have no real talent such as singing, dancing, or acting. During his interview with Ellen DeGeneres, when asked if he had any other skills, he said, “Well, I mean apparently I can bag groceries pretty well.” The marketing firm, Breakr, tried to take credit for the rise of Alex, but everyone who has been asked about this company has denied ever hearing of it.

We know who Alex is here at Saegertown, but what do we think of him? Freshman Scout VanCise said, “I thought he looked cute based on the picture that was posted on Twitter, but after seeing other pictures of him later on, I didn’t think he was worth all the fuss!”

Though Alex has many new admirers, and nearly a million new Twitter followers, he has also experienced much negativity including death threats online. Alex has appeared on “Ellen” and been interviewed by many news outlets around the world. Modeling, movie, and television agents want to meet with Alex, and he has been offered sponsorships and advertising deals. Alex says he plans on doing what he has always done, getting up early for school, spending time with his friends and girlfriend, and working at Target, but will his fame last? Is it really that easy to become famous?

This is not the first time something like this has happened, and it certainly won’t be the last. Texas is surely larger than Saegertown, but is it possible that something like this could happen in our little town? Saegertown junior Nick Monico wanted to find out. He posted a picture of senior Emily Callan with the hashtag #EmilyFromSubway while she was working an evening shift at our local Subway on November 8 as a joking reference to #AlexFromTarget. Of course it didn’t receive thousands of favorites and retweets, but fourteen retweets and thirty-five favorites isn’t too bad!

Cross country team celebrates seniors and state medalist

By Shaun Boyle, Sports Editor

Saegertown cross country seniors: from left Tucker Geer, Jessica Tomiczek, Brendon Barclay, Chris Guy and Rachel Smith presented gifts to the underclassmen at the banquet on Nov. 11.

Saegertown cross country seniors: from left Tucker Geer, Jessica Tomiczek, Brendon Barclay, Chris Guy and Rachel Smith presented gifts to the underclassmen at the banquet on Nov. 11.

Junior Brad Amy paced three Saegertown Cross Country runners at the PIAA State Championships on Nov. 1 in Hershey, Pa. The race took place at Parkview, which used to be a golf course.  Amy finished 24th overall. Senior Brendon Barclay and freshman Beka McClymonds also had good showings at States placing 57th and 59th respectively. “It felt amazing beating my previous time from last year at states, but I felt terrible knowing that I would never get to race with Brendon and the other seniors again,” said Amy.

The Cross Country team held their banquet November 11 at Pleasant View Alliance Church. Junior Garrett Johnston said, “I really appreciated what the coaches had to say about the team and our season.” The season may not have ended on the high of last year’s state championship, but the team will still carry its seven year 58-0 undefeated Region 3 record into next year.

Lady Blue Devils’ season ends with playoff loss

By Becca Siple, Assistant Sports Editor

“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” This quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt could aptly describe the Lady Blue Devils soccer season. It has come to an end, but there was unexpected success before it was over. Senior Marissa Cormier, who plays outside midfield, said, “We did really good this season, I was really surprised how well we did. We beat the record last year and made it to playoffs.” They finished the season 13-6 and lost their first playoff matchup against Fairview on October 28, 4-1. Sophomore center defensive player Alaina Budzbanowski said, “I was kind of upset we didn’t do very good in the playoff game, but overall the season was good for us.”

Junior high students participate in #socktober

Eighth grade students collected items for Women's Services as part of #socktober.

Eighth grade students collected items for Women’s Services as part of #socktober.

By Stephen Boylan, Director of Marketing

“Kid President is so profound I can’t even take it,” said eighth grade student Charlie Johnson. He was referring to internet sensation Kid President, the “self-appointed voice of a generation” and the person responsible for the #socktober movement to collect socks and other household items for people in need. Over thirty of the junior high students participated in this event, collecting socks, toothpaste, hats, gloves, deodorant, shampoo, and other items for Women’s Services of Meadville.

“I think that this experience has really opened the students’ eyes to the fact that even the smallest acts of kindness help,” said communications teacher  Mrs. Susan Norwood, who brought the idea to Saegertown. Many students were surprised  when they heard from Women’s Services that some local women and children live in fear and could leave or be

Kid President can be found at

Kid President can be found at

kicked out of their homes, taking nothing with them but the clothes on their backs.

“It will really help the women and children in need this winter,” said Rose Hilliard from the Women’s Services of Meadville when she received Socktober donations from Saegertown Junior High. Hilliard was grateful for all the students who participated, and she noted that Women’s Services is always accepting donations, which  can be dropped off at 204 Spring Street in Meadville. To learn more, visit

Softball team hosts trapshoot to raise funds

By McKenzie Ashbaugh, Director of Marketing

Karleigh Ashbaugh and Brittany Sample sold baked goods as part of a recent softball team fundraiser at the Saegertown Sportsmen's Club.

Karleigh Ashbaugh and Brittany Sample sold baked goods as part of a recent softball team fundraiser at the Saegertown Sportsmen’s Club.

The Lady Panthers softball team got an early start on their fundraising this year. On Sunday, October 26 from 9 a.m. to approximately 2 p.m., they held a competitive trapshoot to raise money for the team’s second  trip to Cocoa Beach Softball Spring Training in southern Florida that is scheduled for April.

The shoot was held at the Saegertown Sportsmen’s Club. Community member Darin Ashbaugh, who came up with the idea, said, “It was a good way to raise money in a family environment.” At the shoot, the team offered a lunch, bake sale, Chinese auction with various prizes provided by local businesses, and tickets for a gun raffle.

There were nine different classes of shooters such as a women, juniors, first-timers, and several regular classes. Hunter Peters, a junior at Saegertown and award-winning shooter, said, “It was a good time. There was cool prizes and the food was delicious!” Approximately $1800 was raised at the event. “It was good that the team can come together to raise money for the trip to Florida,” said senior catcher Jess Tomiczek.

Boys soccer wraps-up season

By Wyatt Fleischer, Assistant Social Media Editor

Seniors Zach Coon and Lawrence Brumbaugh played their final high school soccer match on Oct. 21. The team celebrated the season at a banquet on Nov. 4.

Seniors Zach Coon and Lawrence Brumbaugh played their final high school soccer match on Oct. 21. The team celebrated the season at a banquet on Nov. 4.

The boys soccer season ended at East High School on Oct. 21 with a hard loss to the Warriors, 5-4. Andrew Flynn, Peter Mattocks, Trent Krzysiak, and Iain Scott scratched up goals for Saegertown in the defeat. Then the team faced Mercer on October 23. The boys fell short 11-2 to the Mustangs. Kalib Kiser and Peter Mattocks chalked up a goal in the second half.

The Panthers were flirting with the post season, but didn’t quite make it. However, Mattocks (with 24 goals) broke the single season scoring record that had been set by alumni Matt Schenberg during the previous season. Highlights for the team this season include both Calvary Baptist upsets. Then, the second matchup with Meadville and Bradford upsets.

The boys will be graduating defensive player Lawrence Brumbaugh and goalkeeper Zach Coon.  Mattocks said, “Next season we will be the power in the region, all we need to do is improve on the little things. We are returning Trent Krzysiak, Andrew Flynn, Nate Duffy, Jason Wanner, John Reibel, Brennan Crawford.” Senior Lawrence Brumbaugh said, ”It was a great time. Made some great friends, and this season won’t be forgotten.”

Greco’s class cuts up the crayfish

By Kaylee Luchansky, Web Site Editor

Mr. Greco's advanced bio classes took their dissection practical on Thursday, Nov. 6.

Mr. Greco’s advanced bio classes took their dissection practical on Thursday, Nov. 6.

This week in Mr. Chris Greco’s Advanced Biology classes, the juniors and seniors have been dissecting crayfish. This is their first dissection. After picking their crayfish from a bucket, the students studied the outer anatomy before the inner anatomy.

“It’s interesting to see and understand the functions of a body, and the daily struggle it goes through,” said junior Nick Harnett. After three days of dissection and two of review, the classes had a practical [test] today. Junior Lindsey Price said, “It was really neat to see the internal structure of a crayfish.”

After this first activity, the class will dissect dogfish, bullfrogs, and then rabbits. According to Mr. Greco, the benefits of dissection include hands-on learning opportunities and seeing things better than you could in a text book. “Students always have fun dissecting,” Mr. Greco said.