Waffle Iron cooking trend sweeps the nation

By Kassidy Trace and Paige Coon, staff writers

Waffle irons are not just for waffles any more. There is a new, quicker and more fun way to KIMG0251cook meals. Many find their inspiration from pinterest and shows on the Food Network. Saegertown ESL teacher Mr. Justin Hayes said, “I enjoy cooking pizzas, cinnamon rolls, tater tots and scrambled eggs.”

These recipes put a fun twist on the traditional ways of cooking. One of the most popular recipes is pizza pockets. All it takes is three simple ingredients, pillsbury biscuits, cheese


A variety of simple snacks can be made with the use of a waffle iron including desserts such as brownies and biscuits with your favorite fillings.

and your desired topping or fillings. First you stuff your pillsbury biscuit with the cheese and topping and then simply stick it in the waffle iron and cook it until it is golden brown. Other creative things to make in a waffle iron include grilled cheese, apple pies, cheese waffles, frittata waffles, pretzels, brownies, and S’mores.

For the people who are looking for recipes, baked apples, veggie omelets and zucchini waffles are some healthy alternatives that are gaining popularity. Baked apples are simple to make. This dish consists of apple slices lightly sprinkled with sugar on each side, and then put on the waffle iron until they look


Dinners such as chicken and broccoli pizzas can also be made with the use of a waffle iron.

thoroughly cooked. This will only take a minute. From sweet to savory there will always be something new to make. So, pick up a waffle iron and join in on the exciting new trend.

Partial Pa. budget provides PENNCREST some relief

By Austin Brown, news editor

Gov. Tom Wolf liberated an estimated $23.4 billion of the $30.3 billion budget on December 29, saving many school districts and social service agencies from further borrowing or even closures in January through his use of the line-item veto.

On Jan. 5, PENNCREST school district received $13,217,836.81 from the emergency funding granted to Pennsylvanians. Though the money received is only a little over one-third of the district’s usual amount, PENNCREST desperately needed the funds allotted in order to prevent the district from needing to borrow money. Jacquelynn Dutchcot, PENNCREST`s Finance Director, said, “We haven’t had to borrow money at all. We lucked out because if we did not get the money by this week, we would have had to borrow the general amount20140603-Latest-PennsylvaniaBudget of money that we receive from the state.”

The money to which Dutchcot referred was to be withdrawn, if needed, from the pre-established $5 million TRAN loan from Erie Bank, which was approved back in November. She noted at the school board work session on Jan. 11 that the district’s general fund had been reduced to about $600,000.

The funds released from the state will only be used for daily school expenses and will only last the district until the end of April, according to Dutchcot. This means that PENNCREST must continue to limit spending to the essential resources of education. “PENNCREST is doing their best to maintain a quality education under the current financial constraints,” Dutchcot said. Saegertown High School`s Principal Tom Baker said, “It (the money received from the state) is nowhere close to the full amount of money which we are due to receive.” He added,  “All precautionary measures are still in place (to limit spending).”

Even though some relief was given to school districts, county governments, and state vendors, the release of emergency funding has also taken the pressure off Pennsylvanian lawmakers. According to a Jan. 10 Associated Press article: “Pressing concerns about schools and social service agencies staying open in January have been replaced by a new round of partisan finger-pointing and a completely new timeline.” In fact, some suspect it could stretch until after the April 26 primary election. Considering Pennsylvania is currently in its longest budget impasse, many believe that this could become the new norm.

Twenty-year veteran journalist John Finnerty, Harrisburg Bureau Reporter, said, “Unfortunately we could go through this every year. This could become the new way that we negotiate.” Dutchcot agreed. “We (PENNCREST) need to be prepared, and we must be more conservative when budgeting. I foresee this could be happening again in the future.”

Panthers take fourth at Tool City Tournament

By Wyatt Fleischer, sports editor

On January 9, the Panther grapplers took the MASH gymnasium by storm at the Tool City Wrestling Tournament, walking away with three first place champions: junior Jude Mattocks (138), senior Nick Monico (152) and sophomore Cody Mulligan (170). Junior Jarrett Ruhl (132) finished fourth and senior Dan Simmerman (145) took sixth, helping the


Nick Monico (senior), Jude Mattocks (junior), and Cody Mulligan (sophomore) all took first place at the Tool City Tournament in Meadville on Jan. 8-9.

team to a fourth place finish in a field of 26 teams. For a full write-up of the tournament, visit themeadvilletribune.com. Below you will find the champions’ responses to a couple of burning questions.

Q:What do you think about while you wrestle?

Nick: Focus on the next move.

Jude: How am I going to score the next point.

Cody: Focus on offense.

Q:Wrestler dream date?

Nick: Chocolate World after I win states.

Jude: Ice skating and eating KFC

Cody: Being carried around by my harem.

Q:What’s your signature move?

Nick: Walls of Jericho

Jude: AA

Cody: Sweep single

One Direction members are ‘morning people’

By Payton Brooks, staff writer


One Direction released their fifth studio album “Made in the A.M.” in November. It is a step away from the bubblegum pop that began their careers, yet it still pays homage to the sounds that made them famous.

“Made in the A.M.” was released on November 13 and includes 17 tracks. This is the first album produced by the group since the departure of Zayn Malik in late March, leaving Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles as the remaining members. Fans were devastated at his decision to quit the band which formed in 2010 on that season of “The X Factor.” Listeners wondered if they would look for another fifth singer to replace Malik, but the boys decided to stay as a four piece.

Malik left another important question for the group to figure out: Who would hit the high notes once he left? As proven with two of the first three singles “Drag Me Down” and “Perfect,” Styles is up for the task. He expertly fills the gap left behind and adds his own personal touch to the songs.  “Drag Me Down” was released on July 31 with no previous announcement or promotion. Shortly after, they released “Infinity” as a promotional single for their album.

Five months after Malik announced he was leaving, the rest of the band stated that they would take a year-long break starting in March of 2016 to focus on individual projects. This fact makes the album bittersweet, as it could be the last one the band ever produces.

Local One Direction fanatic Stefanie Arblaster loves the new works, saying they made her “want to scream” with joy. Her favorite track is “If I Could Fly,” which talks about young lovers and their struggles. She is not the only one who values the record. Sophomore Jen Galt said, ”It’s a quality album, and I’m glad that Harry really put his best foot forward in this one,”  and freshman Kassie Boyd described it as beautiful. Boyd also said, “I miss Zayn, but it’s still good,” which is a popular opinion among longtime listeners.

“Made in the A.M.” is a fun listen for fans of the genre and the band alike, and the boys proved that they can be successful after Malik’s departure.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens- Analyzed and Reviewed


By Ben Haylett, broadcast team

The latest entry into the Star Wars saga, Episode VII: The Force Awakens is an excellent addition to our beloved series.

The Force Awakens follows a girl on a desert planet who finds a droid holding an object that will help the good guys defeat the bad guys. While delivering the object, she meets an older man who helps her on her


Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in theaters across the nation on December, 18. It premiered in other countries in the following days.

journey. This man dies at the hands of our villain. Our heroes then go on to destroy a giant space station that has the power to destroy planets.

Sound familiar? Well it should, because the entire movie is almost a complete carbon copy of Star Wars: A New Hope, the first Star Wars movie. The similarities don’t end there. Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia all make appearances and are main characters.

An added layer of story lines and new characters are what set The Force Awakens apart from earlier entries in the series. The other six movies in the Star Wars saga are more objective based than character based, while The Force Awakens creates a personal bond with the newly introduced characters and builds our interest in them throughout the movie. This brand of characterization is something the series hasn’t seen before, and it shows what kind of differences J.J. Abrams, the director of The Force Awakens, is making to the series.

The actions scenes leave nothing to be desired. Epic space battles, and an amazing lightsaber fight to top everything off rounds out the movie. Battle scenes are very special effects intensive. These effects look very polished, and are much better than those from the prequel trilogy. The design of the buildings, ships, and weapons harken back to the original trilogy, and fit perfectly in the canon of the series.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a great film. Its non-stop pace keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie, and it is an appropriate film for a family movie night.

Mr. Bidwell shares personal experiences of paralysis

By Sarah Shaw, staff writer

After finishing a chapter learning about the brain, the anatomy class recently had a guest speaker visit on Dec. 1. The class took some time to focus on paralysis and how it affects the body after a traumatic brain injury.

Paralysis can be explained as the loss of muscle function in your body because messages from your brain to the muscles are not delivered. “I think it’s important to know what causes paralysis if they are in anatomy class, but not the details of paralysis,” said Mr. Chris Greco, the anatomy teacher.


On Dec. 1, Math teacher Scott Bidwell spoke to the anatomy class about his paralysis due to traumatic brain injury.

The class’s guest speaker is a member of the faculty here at Saegertown. At age fifteen, math teacher Scott Bidwell’s life changed dramatically after a detrimental play in a football game against Lakeview High School. After multiple surgeries, it was unknown if he would be paralyzed for the rest of his life. “It was a killer kickoff, which means go right for the ball. It was rainy that day and as he juked, I jived, hitting him in the femur bone, breaking it while crushing my fifth vertebrae,” said Bidwell.

This ties in with the class’s recent discussion about paralysis and Greco enjoys listening to Bidwell speak to the anatomy class year after year. “I think that students know what it is, but they don’t know the significance of it and what it can do. And, the challenges someone faces with paralysis,” said Greco.

Although this happened at such a young age, Bidwell continues to live his life like anyone else would and keeps a positive attitude. Bidwell has one tip for all student athletes of Saegertown High School: “Play today like you can’t play tomorrow.”