What is happening at Saegertown? Check the event calendar to find out

by Hannah Nicholson, opinion editor

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The community calendar is up and running. Check it out, and send your events. 

If you visit the Panther Press website, you may notice a new addition. An event calendar has been added for student and community use. Health teacher Pat Bradshaw has been heading up this project for the past couple months. The incentive for the calendar is to help bring school spirit back to SHS.

The calendar includes a feature where you can search keywords or dates to find an event. Mr. Bradshaw would like the calendar to eventually be mainly student-run, and updated as often as possible. “Still trying to figure out my team. That is the biggest thing. I need some people who are tech savvy,” Mr. Bradshaw said.  A few students, like senior Hannah Myers and sophomore Sam Shelenberger, have been helping with the project since the beginning. Myers has aided in collecting the dates of events from various teachers, as well as updating the calendar itself. “The biggest issue so far is figuring out how to work the program,” Myers said.

Mr. Bradshaw’s goals for next year are to have the calendar updated and ready, to have a set team of students willing to contribute to the upkeep, and for the calendar to be made more public. “It is in its infancy stage,” Mr. Bradshaw said. Infancy stage or not, the calendar is sure to bring the community closer together.


If you are interested in helping with this project or you want to submit events, contact Mr. Bradshaw at pbradshaw@penncrest.org . You can access the calendar here: https://thepantherpress.com/events/

Pennsylvania Business Week visits Saegertown

by Scout Van Cise, editor-in-chief

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This year’s winning team of Saegertown’s annual Business Week.

The week of April 23 – 27, Saegertown sophomores competed against each other in the annual Pennsylvania Business Week competition. Organized by Americans for the Competitive Enterprise System, Inc. (ACES), Business Week allows for sophomores to compete in six teams against each other for five days in categories such as marketing, advertising, and finances to simulate a real business the students are operating. At the end of the week, the teams do presentations to a panel of judges who choose category winners as well as an overall top company. Mrs. Nicole Keller’s group was victorious in the competition, headed by CEO Oliver Smith and CFO Sam Shelenberger.

Smith’s company, called Power Sound Corporation, sold a product called Gemini Speakers. The company advertised their speakers as being touch screen, bluetooth, rechargeable, and capable of splitting in half to provide surround-sound.

While Smith was unable to attend the award ceremony in person, he witnessed his victory via FaceTime. Shelenberger was there: “It was very satisfying. We put a lot of hard work into what we did. It was a nice sigh of relief to know that we did well,” Shelenberger said. “It provided me with a lot of information on how to run a successful business, so if that is something that I choose to do in my future it will help me with that.”

Power Sound Corporation owes the success of its company to the togetherness of their team. “I think the strongest asset of the company was the cooperative teamwork. Everyone pulled their own weight,” Smith said.

Saegertown’s students take second at annual Envirothon competition

by Stevie Siple, staff writer

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Saegertown students competed at this year’s Envirothon competition on May 2.

The eighty degree weather at the 2018 Envirothon on May 2 provided a comfortable atmosphere for eager environmentalists at Pymatuning State Park in Jamestown, Pa.

Specializing in categories of wildlife, forestry, aquatics, soils, and current issue, three teams from Saegertown competed against teams from Crawford and Mercer counties.

Finishing in second place overall were the Tyrannosaurus Grex which includes seniors Laura Monico, Kaity Gage, Michael Chess, Bailey Kozalla, and freshman Landis Crawford. These competitors combined their knowledge to outscore eight other teams in the county. However, the CASH Eagle Ecologists were able to score more points to take the first place trophy.

Rotating between each station worth one hundred points each, the T-Grex scored 73 in soils, 83 in forestry, 65 in aquatics, 86 in current issue, and 60 in wildlife. Their impressive 367 point total, however, couldn’t top Conneaut Area’s 460 point total.

“We didn’t do as well as we wanted to, but finishing second is still a good place to finish knowing how many other really good teams there was,” Mike Chess said.

New York City’s Backtrack Vocals coming to Saegertown tomorrow

by Nick Archacki, staff writer

On Thursday May 3, Backtrack Vocals (an award-winning New York based, five-person a cappella group) will perform for Saegertown High School students at 1 p.m. in the auditorium.

In addition, the group will offer workshops for students in Mrs. Susan James’ chorus classes on topics including movement/stage presence, group vocal improvisation, beatboxing, and singing solos.

Backtrack Vocals performs around the United States at universities, concert halls, festivals, high schools and private functions. Noteworthy locations they’ve appeared at are Carnegie Hall, Apollo Theater and Beacon Theater.

Mrs. James is excited for the opportunity. “I hope it will help them [chorus members] see the possibilities of where singing could take them. I want them to have a different perspective than just their music teacher,” Mrs. James said. “As for everyone else, I just want them to have a good time and see something they don’t usually see live.”

The group’s web site states: “Backtrack explores the power of the human voice through unique vocal arrangements, tight harmonies and world-class beatboxing. The group pushes the limits of a cappella, creating impressive covers of past and present pop music, writing inspiring original compositions and daring to take on unexpected genres such as classical and electronic music.”

Backtrack has won multiple awards such as the 2017 Steve Harvey’s Sing Off Winner, 2017 International Championship of A Cappella Open (Final); Best Beatbox, 2017 International Championship of A Cappella Open (Northeast Semi-final); First Place, Best Arrangement, 2017 Aca-Challenge; First Place; Audience Favorite and 2016 YouTube Next Up competition Winner.

Backtrack has accumulated almost ten million views on their YouTube page ‘Backtrack Vocals,’ with 109,800 subscribers. You can visit them at their website, www.backtrackvocals.com, Facebook, Instagram, or download their music on iTunes.


Art students create cover for Alumni Banquet

by Hannah Nicholson, opinion editor


From left to right, Meadow Campbell, Carla Conrad, Melanie Twiford, and Paula Stachuletz

Several weeks ago, Saegertown art teacher Mrs. Papinchak assigned her students to create a cover for the program of the Saegertown Alumni Association’s annual banquet. This is a yearly assignment for Papinchak’s students, but this year the outcome was unusual. While there is usually just one winner chosen, this year there were three: Paula Stachuletz, Melanie Twiford, and Meadow Campbell.

“I thought it was really nice that they picked three winners this year. There were a lot of entries,” Papinchak said. Carla Conrad, a representative for the alumni association, met with the students personally to deliver the checks for their contributions to the banquet. Each student received $25.

The students were all happily surprised to have won. “I was very surprised. I did not expect to win, so it is a pleasure that I actually did,” Campbell said.  

The banquet will be held at Smith’s Country Garden on August 4 where the three art pieces will be displayed.

Statistics surveys

Mr. Bidwell’s Saegertown statistics classes are currently surveying students for accurate data on a variety of subjects. In order to take a survey, click on any of the nine links below. All nine surveys should not take more than five minutes, and we ask that you please answer all of them honestly. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Favorite color

Favorite pet

Favorite Jolly Rancher

Standardized testing

CDT growth

Favorite pizza

Favorite Vehicle

School cafeteria food

Favorite sports

Saegertown’s Ferguson starts Odd New Era Clothing

by Scout Van Cise, editor-in-chief

image1 (1)Just three years ago, Saegertown graduate Breana Ferguson had a vision. She dreamed to start her own clothing line that fit the style of the millennial generation in which she was raised. After spending countless hours on her computer learning everything there is to know about creating a website, starting a clothing line, and searching for a style to create, Ferguson’s dream came to life.

Ferguson’s clothing line, Odd New Era Clothing, became available for purchase in February of 2018. “When it came time to pick a name, Odd New Era stuck out to me. I am a millennial. I was raised differently from my parents. My generation is tech-savvy, untraditional, and out of control. As a millennial, we do not associate with other generations because we are the next era,” Ferguson wrote on her website. “We understand each other. We may not be odd, but we are the new era.”

Ferguson has recently been organizing new designs and products to sell. “It’s a lot of work especially with college and sports. Hopefully it will be rewarding, but it’s still enjoyable to me either way,” Ferguson said.

Odd New Era Clothing creates products for snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX and other sports. Check out Ferguson’s clothing line at oddneweraclothing.com and follow Odd New Era Clothing on Facebook to support her dream.