Mrs. Heckman to return on April 3

By Francis Jageacks, staff writer

Saegertown High school P.E. teacher Mrs. Melissa Heckman welcomed Gianna Cash Heckman, on Jan. 4 at 10:58 a.m., a week past her due date.

“I am thrilled! We definitely needed some more estrogen in our home,” said Mrs. Heckman. This will most likely be their last baby, so both the parents decided to name her with a unique Italian name and Cash comes from Johnny Cash.

The Heckman family already has two boys Jackson, 4 and Grayson, 2. The boys are currently sick,  so their parents are trying to keep them away from their new sister, but Mrs. Heckman said, “My little boys are excited to have a sister to look after and protect.”  

Mrs. Heckman warns her students not to get too comfortable with her absence for she plans to return on April 3. “I miss the structure! I miss knowing I will be getting up at the same time every morning: 4 a.m..”

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