#MuslimsReport trends after presidential debate

By Kassie Boyd, staff writer

Following the second presidential debate on Oct. 9, Republican candidate Donald Trump sparked a media frenzy and trending hashtag: #MuslimsReport. A muslim woman asked both candidates about Islamophobia, a pressing issue in the 2016 election. Both answered, but Trump’s reply was especially scrutinized: “We have to be sure that Muslims come in and report when they see something going on.”
‘Muslim twitter’ responded accordingly, in what turned out to be a satirical parody.




Possibly the most popular tweet, with 91,000 retweets and 179,000 favorites came from Moustafa Bayoumi, an associate professor of English at Brooklyn College.


This election is no stranger to internet satire. From more humorous hashtags like #WhenTrumpisElected, to more serious ones, such as #ImWithHer, and #NeverTrump, social media has played a major role in both campaigns.


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