Scouting and Hunting for hidden talents: Sydney Davis

Sophomore Sydney Davis’s first mural, photographed here under construction, is at her cousin’s house.

By Scout Van Cise and Hunter Trzeciak, arts and entertainment editors

After searching thehalls of Saegertown High School for two weeks, we’ve found another hidden talent.  Sophomore Sydney Davis, who is regularly found on the dance floor, paints murals.

In June of 2015, Davis was asked to paint a mural on the bedroom wall of a younger cousin.  After finishing her first mural, she discovered her skill and has been painting murals since.

Davis developed a knack for painting when she was in junior high.  “I discovered I liked to paint in seventh grade by messing around with watercolors in art. I saw a lot of pictures I liked, and I thought I would just try to paint them.” Since her start, Davis has completed four murals, charging $50  to $150 depending on time spent on the project.  She is most inspired by Disney themes, with her favorite creation being a large picture of Rapunzel in a scene from the movie “Tangled.”  

If you’re interested in having a mural painted, you can contact Davis via email at  

If you have a secret talent that you want to share, contact Scout Van Cise at or Hunter Trzeciak at

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