Delightfully Bizarre Websites


By Jacob Perrett, broadcast team

Bored, lonely, existential crisis, or just plain struggling with insomnia? I’ve compiled a list below of some of the most bizarre and entertaining websites out there. Don’t worry, these all come virus free.

If the title of this website sparked your love for knitting, don’t get too excited. This website takes you on a mind boggling, yet soothing trip through a three-dimensional world. With an animation type theme, this site is sure to entertain even the most inattentive individuals.

This site is really cool. If you’re a high profile procrastinator, or if you’re just a plain teenager, make sure to bookmark this remarkable web page. does exactly what the title implies. You begin by typing in a certain topic into their search bar, then you are then given a word doc setup, and by simply clicking a key, a sentence is created. And on top of it all, the material being hashed out is actually relevant to the material you are trying to write about!

Here’s one for the really bored individuals. This website is exactly a digital version of the classic “would you rather” game. The site gives you two statements and you are challenged to pick between the two. Once you have made your decision the site offers statistics regarding how many people agreed with your choice.

Just trust me.

A nice way to end this list. If none of the websites up above fail, this site will take you to a random pointless page with the click of a button.

The SHS Alumni Assn. would like to remind all seniors that the deadline for submitting scholarship applications is April 15, 2016. We are happy to announce that we are adding an additional scholarship, this will be a 4 year scholarship bringing the total scholarships we will be awarding to 7 for 2016.  This is open to any Senior going on to a college or tech school. Please pick up your applications if you have not done so.

Saegertown students shine at 100th Pa. Farm Show

By Austin Brown, news editor and Rachel Barner, staff writer

For 100 years, the Pennsylvania Farm Show has educated the general public on what Pennsylvania Agriculture is all about. On Jan. 9 – 16, Saegertown students proudly contributed to this heritage. People from all over the country flock to Harrisburg to take part in the events held at the Farm Show Complex. Deputy Secretary for Animal Health and Food Safety Gregory Hostetter said, “(Farm Show) is an opportunity to educate the


Saegertown students earned blue ribbons in square dancing at the 100th Pa. Farm Show.

consumers on Ag during the event.”

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is the largest indoor agricultural exposition in the nation, with nearly 10,000 competitive exhibits, 300 commercial exhibits, and nearly 6,000 animals. With such a wide variety of entertainment, visitors have much to look forward to each year. Hostetter said his favorite part of the Farm Show is looking at all the exhibits and new technology as well as catching up with old friends and making new ones.  While Sharon Altland, the Executive Director of the Farm Show Complex and Expo Center, enjoys the positive response that the event receives from a variety of people.

This year, the main focus was to educate youth on agricultural jobs. According to new data from the United States Department of Agriculture, there will be 57,900 annual job to 2020. Yet with decreasing interest, the capability to run such events as Farm Show is handed down to a minority in today’s culture. Altland added, “This could not happen without the youth. It all starts with the family farm. Events like this teach responsibility and creates an interest in agriculture, so we will have people to take over the agricultural job openings.”

Many of the Farm Show events were televised, including the square dancing competition that showcased the skills of 11 Saegertown students: Sam and Ben Shelenberger; Rachel and Nathan Barner; Emily and Brittany Barr Kenny, Patrick, and Emily Dunn; Marley McGowan; and Amanda Crowl. I like square dancing at the barn dances. I like both traditional and modern square dancing.” These students competed in four sets of eight, and all four of the sets won first place.

“The Blue Ribbon Experience” continued for Saegertown’s youth throughout the duration of the show. Patrick and Kenny Dunn both exhibited market hogs. Patrick placed first in his class. While Kenny was awarded the Reserve Champion in the Light Heavyweight division, Emily Dunn exhibited a market goat that placed fifth in her class. “I think I that I did pretty good, and it was my first time showing at the Farm Show,” said Emily about her experience at Farm Show.

Austin Brown exhibited eight AOB texel sheep, winning the Premier Breeder, which is a collective score based on the placing of the individual sheep. Between the Junior and Open shows, Brown won one Champion and three Reserve Champions. Gary Saylor, the 2016 Open Show Sheep Judge, said, “This is a very special type of ram, which will go on to do special things.” Courtney Hess entered four quilts in the show, placing Best of Show. She also had three first places and one second place.

With such successes, Saegertown students plan to compete again next year. I would do it again next year (square dancing) because it is fun meeting new people and dancing to catchy tunes,”said Sam Shelenberger.

Seniors showcase future plans


By Ellie Lybarger, staff writer

As Senior Showcase Night came to a close, the atmosphere of nerves and excitement that surrounded Saegertown High began to dissipate.DSC_1415

After months of preparation in their English classes, the seniors gathered in the
gymnasium on Jan. 20 to present their future plans to their teachers and peers. The students created 
a trifold display to present their resume, further plans in education, and future careers. In addition, they created and presented a slideshow to detail in-depth their post-graduation plans.

The project was designed to get the students to “graduate with a plan,” said senior class advisor Mr. Bill Hetrick. Some students had no reservations about their presentations. “I was not nervous to present whatsoever,” said Andrew Flynn, but others like Steve

IMG_6138Arblaster said, “I was nervous but prepared.”

Before senior project night, Mr. Hetrick said, “I think they’re going to be awesome,” and he was absolutely right. He reported that he heard nothing but positivity from the students and teachers.

Mr. Adam Horne said, “I thought it was a cornucopia of talent,” and almost all of the students thought they did well. Flynn said, “ I was confident and I did really well like I anticipated.” Brianna Lybarger said, “It kind of makes you realize that you need to be prepared for your future.”